About Us

Delta Tau Delta is a social-fraternity and a values based organization. Led by our four fundamental principles: Truth, Courage, Faith and Power; and united by our common mission: "Committed to lives of Excellence", Delt's everywhere strive to achieve their highest ambitions with the help and support their brothers. 

The Crescent Colony of North Dakota State University was founded in February of 2011, Chartered in 2012, and now celebrates its' third year at NDSU.

Every day we make decisions based off our values as a Delt. We believe in holding ourselves and each other a higher standard by abiding these values:

  • Truth, Courage, Faith and Power are our foundation
  • Integrity is essential
  • Accountability is fundamental to all commitments
  • Lifelong learning and growth are vital
  • Strengthening community is essential to our vitality
  • Brotherhood sustains us

As we strive for our own personal ambitions and move the fraternity forward with our 

accomplishments we always keep in mind:

  • We create opportunities for our members to learn and live lives of excellence.
  • Our chapter's programs and operations reflect our commitment to excellence.
  • We are a financially vital organization.
  • We are a growing organization.
  • Our membership is committed to lifelong involvement in the Fraternity.
  • We are an academic leader in the fraternity world.
  • We are a seamless orginization